DE AURO – New Dimensions of Luxury

In our manufactory, we coat surfaces with one hundred percent pure, precious metals that have previously been made ready for application using a special high-tech process. The results are breathtaking structures that make the coated material look even more precious and creative. The range for metallization here extends from 24-carat gold to aluminum or stainless steel alloy.

Our product range has a radiant aura.

We all know the stories and fairy tales that have grown up around the myth of gold for thousands of years. Just like the saga of King Midas where everything he touched turned to gold. We also can turn surfaces into gold. Our history began in 2013 when we started with the objective to give beautifully designed objects an aura of uniqueness by using a 24 carat gold coating. As well as Gold we are able to use other exquisite precious metals as coatings. Our team of experts does not have `Goldfingers´ but a high-caliber expertise in processing and applying gold and other pure metals. Since then we have developed our process engineering for surface coating to the point of near perfection. Today can say with pride that our product range enjoys an international acclaimed state-of-the-art status. We do not think of surfaces only on the surface level – we are involved in new trends as well as rooted in design and architectural development. This has a radiant effect all the way to Saudi-Arabia where we have gold coated thousands of ornamental ceiling elements in a project of worldwide significance.

Revel in optical luxury.

The surfaces of DE∙AURO bring a sophisticated aura to any interior design. Applied to walls, niches or room partitions they are real optimizers of beauty – optical delight in all areas.

Our obsession is with the true character of materials.

“Our surfaces reflect the true character of a room. Kitchen appliances become a sculptural attraction, the production of an “Object of Modern Art”
Rolf Krahl, managing partner of DE·AURO


Our customers have trust in our
ambition and quality.


Refinements of surfaces transform exceptional interiors into unique living spaces.


Our aim is to cater to the individual wishes of our customers on a sustainable basis.


If you wish to learn more, we are happy to advise you personally.