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Specification and areas of application Glass coatings with precious metals and exclusive lacquers


DEAURO Glass is glass panes that we coat with precious metals or exclusive lacquers using a special process. Structured glass in particular is given a unique appearance by our innovative process.
The special thing about DEAURO GLASS is that we only use low-iron oxide glass from selected renowned glass partners in white glass optics for our products. This ensures that no clouding or unwanted colouring of the refined glass occurs in the case of back-side metallisation. This back-side metallisation with pure precious metals has the advantage that our DEAURO glasses are thus perfectly protected for various application scenarios in architecture and the design sector for almost all requirements.
The bonding or adhesion of pure metals such as real gold, aluminium or even copper and much more to glass is an absolute technical challenge. We are all the more proud that we are able to offer these unique materials in such perfection thanks to our many years of expertise in the field of metallisation and coating. Let yourself be fascinated by the unique light refraction and breathtaking appearance of our glasses finished with special coatings.

DE-AURO Glass is available in 5 finishes:


Further uses for refined glass in interior design and the art world.

Creativity and individuality are our focus and with our DEAURO GLASS there are no limits. All types of glass available on the market in white glass optics can be refined for your project on request. We can rely on our partner with many years of experience and provide you with the best possible advice on all aspects of your project.

DEAURO proGlass

proGlass is translucent and available in various colours. It is a solvent-based system with polymer components for colouring glass surfaces. The coating provides the glass with long-lasting protection against fingerprints, increases surface smoothness, reduces soiling and makes cleaning easier for you. Due to a permanent bond to the surface, the coating is resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and thus offers good glass corrosion protection (limescale protection). This makes our refined glass perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

But of course, the printing of photographs or pictures is also becoming increasingly popular with our customers and partners, as we can make any work of art shine in a new light. In collaboration with various artists, we have already realised several projects for art exhibitions and private individuals.


Technical details DEAURO Glass:


  • Available as: Float glass / White glass / Satinato / Satinato white glass / Textured glass / Safety glass.
  • Glass is coated on the back
  • If necessary, a protective lacquer is applied to the coating
  • ● Coating between two laminated panes is also possible and on request we will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation for your project
  • Applications: Room dividers / wall coverings / art objects / etc.

Product overview of metal finishes for glass

Refinement STARS

  • Coating: 24 karat gold
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement MOON

  • Coating: aluminium alloy
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm


Refinement MERCURY

  • Coating: stainless steel
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement NEPTUNE

  • Coating: lacquer
  • available in all RAL und Pantone colours
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 3.600 x 1.300 mm


Refinement JUPITER

  • Coating: Translucent DE∙AURO proGlass*
  • Available in different colours: orange red, blue, yellow, grey, red, black, luminescent blue, white, luminescent green, golden, silver
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 3.600 x 1.300 mm


Technical details DE∙AURO Glass


  • Available as: float glass / white glass / satinato / satinato white glass / structure glass / safety glass
  • Glass will be coated on the backside
  • If necessary a lacquer will be added for protection
  • A coating between two laminated glass panes on request
  • Applications: room partitions / wall covers / art objects / etc.

* DE·AURO proGlass
proGlass is translucent and available in different colours. It is a system based on solvents with polymer components, which dyes glass surfaces. The coating protects glass in the long run from fingerprints, enhances surface smoothness, reduces dirt, and makes cleaning easier. The permanent connection to the surface makes the coating resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and it offers a good protection against glass corrosion (anti-lime effect)

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