How we produce


Basic principles

  • We produce exclusively in Germany.
  • Our quality- and processing requirements are in accordance with current ISO norms.
  • We only use conflict-free and fair-dealt gold from proven suppliers according to Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).
  • We keep an eye on environmentally friendly and energy-saving processing.
  • All our materials are harmless to health.
  • All our products are the results of customers wishes, therefore they are unique specimens.
  • Individual or partial coating is possible, for example lettering, brand logos, family crests

Manufacturing processes

  • Our high-tech metallization processing (PVD) is realized in fully controlled high-vacuum systems and has been developed over many years. Therefore the basic structure of the raw material will be preserved. During the process of coating surfaces, there will not be any environmental or adverse health effects.
  • The lacquer coating is performed in clean-room paint lines. Our high-quality requirements for the final surface are met via our systems engineering and partly automated paint processes.



„The uniqueness of enhancing sophisticated natural materials using gold or precious metals and the expertise from cooperation with highly-specialised partners make the products of DE∙AURO inimitable.“

Ralf Leichner, managing director of DE·AURO

Surface structures

  • 24 karat gold of approved origin (RJC)
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper

Titanium nitride
Titanium nitride is a chemical compound of titanium and nitrogen. It is a metal of golden/yellow colour, which makes a wider colour spectrum possible if mixture ratios are changed. The ceramic material is known for extreme hardness and corrosive protection.

permaSeal metal
permaSeal metal are coating systems made up of 2 component solvents which dye stainless steel surfaces. The coatings protect stainless steel permanently against fingerprints. They enhance surface smoothness, reduce dirt, and make cleaning easier. The permanent connection to the surface makes the coatings resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and offers a good protection against corrosion.

Colour and effect lacquers
These are lacquers especially developed for DE∙AURO products

proGlass is translucent and available in different colours. It is a system based on solvents with polymer components, which dyes glass surfaces. The coating protects glass in the long run from fingerprints, enhances surface smoothness, reduces dirt, and makes cleaning easier. The permanent connection to the surface makes the coating resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and it offers a good protection against glass corrosion (anti-lime effect)