We have listed FAQ concerning DE∙AURO

How can you clean DE∙AURO products?

All DE∙AURO products can be cleaned, but depending on construction certain things have to be taken into account. We have the possibility to apply an easy-clean protective coating. We will advise you to find the right finish for every case.

Should DE∙AURO products come into contact with salty water?

Generally all surfaces which come into contact with salty water need a special protection. All our products made of or coated with glass fulfil this requirement already, and others need a special treatment to protect them permanently. To give your products durability please let us know if contact with salt water is possible.

Are DE∙AURO products UV resistant?

All our products are produced and coated so that they are UV-resistant and can therefore be used outdoors. If your desired DE∙AURO products will be used outdoors, please notify us, so that we can choose the appropriate components beforehand.

Can objects which are not mentioned in the catalogue be gold coated?

A gold coating for products not in our catalogue is in general possible, if a certain minimum order quantity is met. If you would like to have a specific surface refined or coated, please feel free to ask us. Depending on the material and scope, certain validation testing for coating and durability might be necessary. We are glad to give advice on a case by case basis.

Are there standard formats?

No, all our products are designed, planned, and produced according to customers wishes.

Is there a minimum order volume?

To ensure economic efficiency we accept a minimum order of 4m², for smaller orders we have to add extra charges.

Can DE∙AURO produce individual items?

We are glad to consult with you. Generally speaking nothing is impossible. Starting with the partial coating of your company logo or family crest, up to exclusive raw materials such as specially-designed structured glasses or varieties of slate.

Are there fixed retail prices for DE∙AURO products?

 No, all requests are their own projects, because all products are especially made for you. In addition to that prices for raw materials vary a lot, especially for 24 karat gold.