Precious metal coated aluminium foam – DEAURO ALU-FOAM

Specification and fields of application of the aluminium foam metallised with precious metals


DEAURO Alu-Foam is an aluminium foam that we coat with precious metals using a special process. The material was originally developed for the defence industry, but is finding more and more favour in interior design. Our process turns the high-tech material into an exclusive eye-catcher.

Due to its unique structure, more and more architects have become aware of it and now ALU FOAM is being used more and more in the field of architecture and design.

The basis is aluminium, which is given this striking honeycomb structure by a special process. After processing, the raw material initially has a matt, greyish colour. This is where DEAURO’s unique finishing process comes in. Depending on the metallisation, we use pure metals such as real gold (24 carat fine gold) or stainless steel for coating, which gives the aluminium foam material a unique look. Even an additional coating with aluminium brings an amazing optical improvement and transforms the matt initial product into a spectacular eye-catcher.

In principle, a matt or glossy look can be offered for all metallisation variants, depending on your wishes. In this way, light and room conditions can be optimally staged.

Further possible uses of refined aluminium foam in interior design and the art sector


Possible applications include the design of luxurious lobbies in the residential sector or for companies and law firms. It is also conceivable to design lifts in luxury hotels or to frame pictures in galleries and exhibitions in the art sector.

Individual use in private living spaces is becoming increasingly popular, as wall or art objects to create special accents, especially in the context of modern, reduced architecture, e.g. with exposed concrete walls. However, there are no limits to creative ideas.

In combination with an acrylic embedding, the coated aluminium foam is also perfect as a tabletop, enhancing the piece of furniture and, above all, the room concept.

Product overview of precious metal coatings for aluminium foam

Refinement STARS

  • Coating: 24 karat gold
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement MOON

  • Coating: aluminium alloy
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement MERCURY

  • Coating: stainless steel
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement JUPITER

  • Coating: permaSeal**
  • Available in different colours: orange red, blue, yellow, grey, red, black, luminescent blue, white, luminescent green, gold, silver
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 3.600 x 1.300 mm

Technical details DE·AURO Alu-Foam:


  • Thickness: 12 mm
  • Protective lacquer can be added
  • Varieties: shiny or matt
  • Applications: wall elements, decorative ornaments, objects of art, etc.

** permaSeal
permaSeal metal are coating systems made up of 2 component solvents which dye stainless steel surfaces. The coatings protect stainless steel permanently against fingerprints. They enhance surface smoothness, reduce dirt, and make cleaning easier. The permanent connection to the surface makes the coatings resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and offers a good protection against corrosion.

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