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Precious Metal Coatings for 3D Printing – DE-AURO 3D Printing

Specification and application areas of our coated elements from 3D Printing


DE-AURO 3D Printing is, among other things, PMU plates, which are produced by our partner Forward AM using the 3D printing process. This is a completely new material and was developed together with BASF and the designer Jörg Petri. The special thing about it is that a completely individual design can be offered here as a basis. These design plates are then produced in a 3D printing process. Due to the system, the starting material is a rather inconspicuous ochre colour. It is the DE AURO coating that gives the material its unique, high-quality character. The panels are finished by us in four different variants.


Production and further use of precious metal coated PMU from the 3D printer

This new type of material made from PMU plates is used in a wide variety of areas: We use the different patterns from 3D printing as room dividers, privacy screens, sun shades to acoustic insulation in critical spaces.
The material can be used openly in its respective structure. However, it can also be inlaid in acrylic to create a completely new design element for a wide variety of application scenarios. If it is inserted between 2 panes of glass, it can even be used in façade construction. Depending on individual design wishes, for example, this creates light-flooded rooms in which the sun does not dazzle, but the refraction of light and shadows are used as a style element in their own right.

Technical details DE-AURO 3D Printing:

● Sheet thickness 20 mm
● PMU, PET, or an adapted plastic is used depending on the application
● Panels can be inserted between glass panes (façade construction)
● UV resistant
● Applications: Facade construction / room dividers / wall cladding / decorative ornamentation / etc.

Product overview of our metal finishes for 3D printing

Refinement STARS

  • Coating: 24 karat gold
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement MOON

  • Coating: aluminium alloy
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm


Refinement MERCURY

  • Coating: stainless steel
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm


Refinement RAINBOW

  • Coating: indium tin oxide
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.000 x 400 mm

Technical details DE·AURO 3D Printing:


  •  thickness of the plates is 20 mm
  • depending on the application PET or PMU is used
  • Plates can be inserted between two panes of glass (for facade structure)
  • UV-resistant
  • Applications: facade construction / room divider / wall cladding / decorative ornament


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