Precious metal coatings on wood – DEAURO WOOD

Specification and areas of application of wood veneers coated with precious metals


DE AURO Wood is wood veneer that we coat with precious metals using a special process. Our process enables a thin coating that does not lose the unique grain of the wood but emphasises it.
A selected, rare natural wood veneer is already a highlight. It is topped when this piece of jewellery is coated with precious metals using our special process. Then a wood veneer becomes a work of art.

Applications are possible in the furniture sector, as a noble wall covering in the living area. The refinement of wood is particularly popular as an accessory in the yacht sector and in the luxurious automotive interior with the metallisation of trim strips in the dashboard or door panels, as well as all trim parts in the interior of your supercar.


Production and further use of precious metal coated wood veneer

The very finely metallised wood veneer is protected by a nano lacquer specially developed for this purpose. This ensures that the noble surface coating is suitable for everyday use by the user, but that the noble wood structure is retained without being drowned by an excessively thick lacquer system.

With our process, we have fulfilled the essential criteria of the German furniture standard (DIN 68861 – chemical resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance, moisture and heat etc.) for use in the furniture sector.

The coated wood veneers can even be used as floor panels. Here, the precious and genuine gilded wood veneer is laminated with our highly transparent DE AURO white glass and thus permanently protected from scratches and discolouration for use as a unique floor covering. On request, a glass covering with anti-slip effect can also be realised, allowing the floor covering to be used in any living space.

Technical details DEAURO Wood:


  • Coated real wood veneer can be mounted on wood substrates up to 30 mm

  • Applications: Furniture construction / wall elements / ship interior fittings / caravan / aircraft construction / interior fittings / contract sector, e.g. hospitality / accentuation for doors.

Product overview of our metal finishes for wood

Refinement STARS

  • Coating: 24 karat gold
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement MOON

  • Coating: aluminium alloy
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm

Refinement MERCURY

  • Coating: stainless steel
  • Area of application: indoors
  • Maximum measurements: 1.790 x 800 mm


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