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Specification and applications of our precious metal coated slate


Completely individual to your taste, different types of slate, each with a unique, characteristic structure, can be used and refined with our patented process of metallisation. This slate-glass composite not only has advantages in terms of design, but also a number of advantages over, for example, a high-quality polished natural stone: due to the lamination with glass, the composite material is permanently protected and there is a significant weight advantage compared to pure natural stone. In addition, our slate-glass composite is much more hygienic than a porous natural stone material due to the lamination with high-quality, scratch-resistant glass. This is particularly important for hygiene in sanitary areas such as kitchens or wellness areas.

Our coated slate can be used in a wide range of applications:

You can use it as a unique wall covering in your living area or as a noble floor tile in kitchens and bathrooms.
In the kitchen environment, our slate glass composite can also be used for worktops and cladding in kitchens or back walls, thanks to the scratch-resistant and hygienic glass. The material has successfully passed the quality system of one of the world’s most renowned luxury kitchen manufacturers for the kitchen area (climate resistance, edge protection against moisture, etc.).

Therefore, it is also ideally suited for sanitary installations and fittings in the bathroom, and even for use in a swimming pool, there is no limit to your creativity and imagination.

Very beautiful is also the use as a noble tabletop or with a simple black steel frame as an artistic wall object, which sets strong accents in the domestic environment.


    The 3 types of compositions of our DE-AURO Slate coated with precious metals:

    1. the single composite consists of 3 layers: Slate/Metallisation/Glass
    2. the sandwich composite consists of 4 layers: Glass/Slate/Metallisation/Glass
    3. and the Pure structure consists of 2 or even 3 layers: Slate/Metallisation/if necessary protective lacquer.

    Our DE-AURO Slate is available in 5 different finishes:


    Further possible uses of metallised slate in glass laminates


    Even use in yacht exteriors is feasible, as our edge protection is even salt water resistant.
    Other important aspects are the spectacular depth structure and, especially in the “Earth” version, the so-called “firing” of the natural stone, which results from the lamination with glass.

    It is also conceivable to implement the wall design with the same type of slate in a combination of coated and uncoated sections. Selective coating is also possible. This means that applications, ornaments, coats of arms or logos finished with gold, aluminium or stainless steel can be applied to the natural slate. The slate looks particularly noble with a selective coating of your company logo in your business premises. This will leave a lasting impression on your customers and partners.

    Another unique variation is a slate collage. For example, for a tabletop in the dining room or a conference room, several sections of different slate structures can be metallised with precious metals, placed exactly next to each other and then laminated with a large continuous glass plate.

    Overview of the product variants of precious metal coatings on slates

    Refinement STARS

    • Coating: 24 karat gold
    • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
    • Maximum measurements: 2.400 x 1.200 mm

    Refinement MOON

    • Coating: aluminium alloy
    • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
    • Maximum measurements: 2.400 x 1.200 mm

    Refinement MERCURY

    • Coating: stainless steel
    • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
    • Maximum measurements: 2.400 x 1.200 mm

    Refinement MARS

    • Coating: copper alloy
    • Area of application indoors/outdoors
    • Maximum measurements: 2.400 x 1.200 mm

    Refinement EARTH

    • Coating: slate noncoated
    • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
    • Maximum measurements: 2.400 x 1.200 mm

    Technical details DE∙AURO Slate:


    • Available glass thickness: Single composite 4, 6, 8, 10 mm / Sandwich composite 4 and 6 mm per pane
    • Pure: without glass, if requested with lacquer / not recommended for outdoor
    • Thickness slate + laminate: between 2 and 6 mm depending on composite and slate variety
    • Glass: toughened safety glass (ESG) / white glass
    • Wet rooms (except for Pure): edges must be prepared with water resistant joint seal
    • Toughened safety glass cannot be cut or drilled afterwards
    • Applications: wall or floor tiles, tabletops, workplace tops, art objects, etc.

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