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Specification and application areas of our coated stainless steel


DE-AURO Steel is stainless steel sheet or plate that we coat with precious metals or exclusive lacquers using a special process. On request, we can finish your favourite steel element. Stainless steel can be coated with the finest 24 carat gold and used for a wide variety of applications, such as wall decoration or in living areas, both indoors and outdoors. Other finishes are also possible.

Technical details DEAURO Steel:

● Thickness: up to 10 mm (thicker on request)
● 24 carat gold coating only in decorative areas or under protective varnish
● 23 carat gold coating for higher loads, more scratch and abrasion resistant
● Applications: Decorative elements / cladding / floor panels / etc.

Finishing with titanium nitride:

Titanium nitride is a chemical compound of the two elements titanium and nitrogen. It is a metallic hard material of typical golden yellow colour, which allows a wide colour spectrum by changing the mixing ratios. The ceramic material is characterised by very high hardness and corrosion resistance.

Coating with permaSeal

permaSeal® metal is a solvent-based 2-component coating system for colouring stainless steel surfaces. The coatings continue to protect stainless steel from fingerprints for a long time. They increase surface smoothness, reduce soiling and facilitate cleaning. Due to a permanent bond to the surface, the coatings are resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and provide good corrosion protection.



Product overview for stainless steel coatings

Refinement STARS

  • Application: Interior
  • Coating: 24 carat gold
  • Maximum dimensions: 1,790 x 800 mm
  • Application: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Coating: 23 carat gold
  • Maximum dimensions: 3.600 x 1.300 mm

Refinement TITAN

  • Coating: titanium nitride*
  • Application: Interior/exterior
  • Maximum dimensions: 4,000 x 1,500 mm

Refinement JUPITER

  • Coating: permaSeal**
  • Application: Interior/exterior
  • Maximum dimensions: 3,600 x 1,300 mm


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