Specification and areas of application


DE∙AURO STEEL are Stainless steel sheets or plates which are coated in a special process with precious metals or exclusive lacquers. We can refine your preferred steel element.

Product overview

Refinement STARS

  • Area of application: indoors
  • Coating: 24 karat gold
  • Maximum measure: 1.790 x 800 mm
  • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
  • Coating 23 karat gold
  • Maximum measurements: 3.600 x 1.300 mm

Refinement TITAN

  • Coating: titanium nitride*
  • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
  • Maximum measurements: 3.600 x 1.300 mm


Refinement JUPITER

  • Coating: permaSeal metal**
  • Area of application: indoors/outdoors
  • Maximum measurements: 3.600 x 1.300 mm


Technical details DE·AURO Stainless Steel:


  • Thickness: up to 10mm (more on request)
  • 24 karat gold coating only in decorative areas or under protective lacquer
  • 23 karat gold coating designed for higher stain, more scratch-resistant, non-abrasive
  • Applications: ornamental elements, coverages, floor panels, etc.

* Titannitrid
Titanium nitride is a chemical compound of titanium and nitrogen. It is a metal of golden/yellow colour, which makes a wider colour spectrum possible if mixture ratios are changed. The ceramic material is known for extreme hardness and corrosive protection.

** permaSeal
permaSeal metal are coating systems made up of 2 component solvents which dye stainless steel surfaces. The coatings protect stainless steel permanently against fingerprints. They enhance surface smoothness, reduce dirt, and make cleaning easier. The permanent connection to the surface makes the coatings resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and offers a good protection against corrosion.