Unique material meets art and design

Interior decoration


For this project there was close cooperation with Hamburg artist Carsten Ost within the scope of an exhibition called “Goldene Zeiten” with a gallery in Hamburg in Milchstrasse. Gunter Sachs served here as a trustee for Andy Warhol for the very first time.

Carsten Ost likes to open up new spaces in his creation, to add soul to everyday occurrences and spice them up with good spirits and magic. His sculptural objects vary from art to design and from usefulness to free multitudes of form. These are objects of archaic power and poetry which offer with stubbornness and strength of character a contrast to the sheer curiosity of our minds.

Carsten Ost
Was born in Hamburg in 1961. From 1984 to 88 he studied creative design at the art school in Hamburg and worked subsequently as an independent graphic designer and illustrator. Since 1992 he has been a free-lance artist.